About Ed Hinkley

Ed Hinkley, photo © Peter Kiar
Ed Hinkley, photo © Peter Kiar. From “Arc of a Bird” – a film by Hugh Schultz.

I am a native Chicagoan and a self taught artist. Over the last 35 years my work has been included in numerous one person, group, juried or invitational exhibitions, in galleries and museums mostly throughout Chicago and the Midwest. My work is in private, public and corporate collections, and the current body of work has generated grants and fellowships from the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, and the Ragdale Foundation.

My working process is an evolving one: notes and rough sketches leading to watercolors and then, often, collages of those watercolors overlaid with gouache, graphite, or ink, perhaps with sections blocked out with gesso or acrylic.

Usually, these are over painted, and the process is often repeated many times before the finished painting appears. Often, a new idea or “series” is developed using this process as shown in the various Works On Paper sections of this site. Often pieces or whole ideas contained in these paintings are then used to further develop paintings of a size in which the human element is represented in full scale. Sometimes they stand alone as independent bodies of work.

The large oil paintings are then painted in much the same way: overlapping layers of notes and images partially covered over allowing bits of previous layers to illustrate ideas and lead sometimes almost randomly to the formation of the finished piece.

Navigating Dream Landscapes, a catalog of Ed Hinkley’s collected paintings.

Navigating Dream Landscapes is a catalog featuring a selection of paintings from the “Figures in Landscapes” series. The catalog was funded in part by a grant from the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs. Credits: text by Hugh Schulze, photos by Peter Kiar, design by Eat Paint Studio.

The photo above was made during filming for Arc of a Bird, an independent short film documenting the disappearance of a fictional artist and the miracles that surround the darkly mysterious event. Arc of a Bird written and directed by Hugh Schulze. Visit the films website for more information: arcofabird.com

To view work by Ed Hinkley, visit his fine art website.